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What Our Clients Say

"In recent years, our company has successfully implemented technological advancements, completed growth initiatives, and experienced an increase in overall resource demands. We chose to utilize the services of a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), and ultimately selected Employee Management Services to support our HR administration and regulatory compliance needs. Through this partnership, Employee Management Services performs the role of the HR staff, which allows our management team to focus their attention on increasing business and improving processes."

                  --John G., Vice President & General Manager, Commercial Heat Treating

"We chose EMS to overcome cost. Of all the prospects that we looked at, they gave the best presentation of the services that they offered. I do not hesitate to recommend them to my colleagues and clients in the business."

                  --Don L., CFO, Advertising

"We are a small business, and using EMS has proven to be a time and money-saver for us. We appreciate their various services -- payroll, employee handbooks and taxes, etc. They provide overall outstanding services."

                  --Barb S., Director, Not-for-Profit

"EMS' human resource services allow our staff to focus on growing our business. Our EMS representative is efficient and knowledgeable in managing our human resource needs and has become a valuable voice in setting up and implementing human resource strategies. Our employees are important to us and, through the EMS benefit plans, we are able to attract and retain talented employees. We like the entire package they have to offer, and appreciate their ability to take care of all of our human resources needs."

                  --Jim E., Operations Manager, Automotive

"We have been using the services of EMS for approximately three years now and have been pleased with the outstanding services they have provided. It is truly a pleasure to work with people who know the meaning of efficiency. They have been able to provide excellent services at a reasonable cost. They have taken a heavy load off of my very busy schedule by handling things that I am too busy to care for, yet must be done. Because we are a rather small company, EMS has been able to provide us with quality insurance at a reasonable cost that we otherwise would not have afforded. Overall, we are very satisfied with their services and look forward to a long continuing relationship with the company."

                  --David M., President, Metal Fabricator



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